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The Great Pilling


Old Johnny was a skinflint. He hoarded every shilling.

They reckon he was th' meanest mon as ever lived ií Pilling.

You'd seldom see him out o' doors, he'd never, never booze,

And when he walked he used to take big strides - to save his shoes.

But this was false economy, for though he saved on leather,

He used to split his britches and expose himself to th' weather.

One winter's night old John was sat, with his candle turned down low, When a nasty wind began to rise, and a tide began to flow.

It flowed up over Pilling Sands and th' waves were nine foot tall.

It thundered over th' marshes, and overflowed th' sea wall.

All thí Pilling folk jumped out o' bed when they heard this torrent swilling.

They knew it was a crisis, so they sent for th' Mayor o' Pilling.

Mayor o' Pilling landed, chain of office round his neck,

Surveyed the raging elements, then turned and said -"Ooh 'eck."

He said, "This is a crisis lads. We'll have to make a stand.

Bring out our secret weapon." - So they sent for Pilling Band.

Pilling Band arrived in force, and on the count of three,

They numbered off from left to right, and faced toward the sea.

They lifted up their instruments, and when th' Mayor waved his hat,

They all pursed up their lips and blew a very loud B Flat.

It echoed over Morecambe Bay, and over th' Irish Sea,

And one old lady in Knott End said, "Oh dear. Pardon me."

But it didn't stop that raging tide. It just came roaring on,

Until it reached that cottage wherein we'd left old John

He'd gone to sleep by now, and he was lying on his bed,

With his long red flannel nightie on, and nightcap on his head.

It swilled about in th' yard a bit and then crept under th' door,

Then, inch by inch, it crept up th' walls, one inch, then two, then four.

And up - and up - and up it came, all thick and muddy brown,

Till old John's bed was floating free, and bobbing up and down.

Now, meanwhile, th' Mayor o' Pilling had had a thought or two,

And sent for Fleetwood lifeboat, to see what they could do.

"We'd like you to come to Pilling, if you could see your way."

And th' lifeboatman said, "Well, aye, we're not doing much today.'

So Fleetwood lifeboat put to sea, and buffeted o'er Wyre,

And th' wind was getting stronger, and th' waves were getting higher.

And they reached that little cottage where John floated on his bed.

And there was just six inch between his ceiling and his head.

And th' lifeboatman leaned out and tapped on th' window with his hat.

And old John opened up one eye, and said, 'Na then. Who's that?"

"Don't worry," said the lifeboatman. "It's Fleetwood lifeboat here."

John said, "Well beggar off- I bought a flag off you last year."


GROUP                             CONTACT                             VENUE                                     OTHER INFORMATION


BABY AND                     Mrs L. Butler,                         St Johnís                                     Open to parents,

TODDLER                                                                     Church                                         babies and pre-school

GROUP                             Tel: 799055                         Hall                                              children. Meet on the

                                                                                                                                               Second Sunday of the month.


CANCER                         Miss M Jenkinson,                 Committee                                 Everyone welcome.

RELIEF                            Inglewood,                               meetings                                   Events are organised

                                          Smallwood Hey Rd,                 when                                         to raise money for the

                                          Pilling.                                       necessary.                               Macmillan Fund for

                                         Tel: 790263                                                                                 cancer relief.


CONSERVATIVE          Mr D Lawrenson,                                                                        Open to everyone

ASSOCIATION              Bonds Farm,                                                                                interested in politics

Pilling and                       Duck Street                                                                                 over 18 years of age.

Winmarleigh                   Pilling.                                                                                          Social events are held

Branch                             Tel: 790409                                                                                 during the year.


DRAMA                         Mr. John Savage,                     Comrades                                  Open to everyone

GROUP                         Rivendell,                                   Room,                                         over 16 years of age.

                                        Taylors Lane,                             Memorial                                   New members welcome.

                                        Pilling.                                         Hall.                                            Meet on Tuesdays at 7.30pm

                                        Tel: 790707


ELLETSON                 Mrs J. Sharp,                             Elletson   Arms,                          Membership £25.00 per year

ARMS                                                                               Lancaster    Road.                      for bowlers, and £10.00 for non-

SOCIAL                                                                                                                                  bowlers. Committee meets on the

CLUB                         Tel: 07957681010                                                                             first Monday of the month.


FYLDE                       Mr J. Higginson,                         Royal Oak,                                     Everyone welcome.

COUNTRY                Melron,                                         Garstang.                                       Speaker at every meeting.

LIFE                           Taylors Lane                                                                                       Meet on first Thursday of

PRESERVATION    Pilling                                                                                                   month from 8pm to 10pm.

SOCIETY                  Tel: 790480


GIRLS                       Mrs H Stafford,                            St. Johnís                                      Open to children aged 6 and

FRIENDLY               Northview,                                     Church                                         upwards.  Craftwork, activities

SOCIETY                 Bone Hill Lane,                             Hall,                                              etc. Meet on Tuesdays 6.30pm to

                                  Pilling.                                                                                                   8pm. School term time only.

                                Tel: 790521                                                                                      


GOLDEN               Mrs. J. Wearden,                         Golden Ball                                      Everyone is welcome.

BALL                     1, South View,                              Hotel,                                                 Subscriptions £15.00pa.

SOCIAL                 Garstang Road,                          School Lane.                                      Committee meetings held 1st

CLUB                     Pilling                                                                                                        Thursday in month.  Bowling, Darts

                                Tel: 790705                                                                                              and Dominoes competitions held.


HISTORICAL       Mrs R Lawson,                             Methodist                                           Membership fee £10

SOCIETY              46 Links Road,                             Chapel.                                              Visitors £2.00 per lecture. Meet

Pilling and            Knott End.                                                                                                 monthly at 7.30pm first Tuesday

District                   Tel: 810841                                                                                              of the month.


JIG-SAW             Mrs. H. Kent,                                  The Band Room,                              Open to all children over 2 years of age.

PLAYGROUP                                                             Field House  Lane.                           Meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and           

(PILLING)           Tel. 07531079683                                                                                      Wednesdays.  9.00 to 3.00pm.

                                                                                                                                                   School term time only.

Jig-saw Playgroup is Offsted registered and accepts Education Grants


MEMORIAL        Mr. E. Moorat,                                     Memorial  Hall,                                 Open to representatives and

HALL                   1, Stakepool Drive,                            Taylors  Lane.                                    elected members.                        

COMMITTEE      Pilling,                                                                                                              Various meetings are

                              Tel: 790464                                                                                                     held monthly.


MENS                 Mr Graham Curwen,                             Fellowship Room,                           Come along and enjoy

FELLOWSHIP   Carr Holm,                                             Methodist Chapel.                         interesting talks with real

                              Fluke Hall Lane,                                                                                             Pilling fellowship. Meetings

                             Pilling                                                                                                               held on Wednesday

                             Tel: 790502                                                                                                     evenings at 7.30 pm.    


METHODIST         Mr. D Curwen,                                     Methodist  Chapel.                        Open to all children up

SUNDAY               Northview,                                                                                                       to 15 years of age.

SCHOOL              Smallwood Hey Rd,                                                                                        Collections are made.

                               Tel: 790323


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GROUP                     CONTACT                                     VENUE                                         OTHER INFORMATION


METHODIST             Mrs G E Hoole,                         Fellowship Room,                               No membership fee.

WOMENS                 Mayfield,                                     Methodist Chapel.                              Collections for expenses each

FELLOWSHIP         Wheel Lane,                                                                                             meeting. Meet   fortnightly on

                                    Pilling.                                                                                                       Wednesdays at 2pm

                                    Tel: 790228                                                                                             October to April.


MOTHERS             Mrs B. Richardson,                     Comrades Room,                               Open to all baptised women.

UNION                    Bell Farm,                                    Taylors  Lane.                                      Meet on the 1st Wednesday of the

                                 Bradshaw Lane,                                                                                         Month at 7.30pm. No

                                 Pilling.                                                                                                          meetings in August.

                                Tel; 790324


OVER                     Mrs M Bradley,                         Reading Room,                                      Membership £1.00 per

SIXTIES                 Whimbrel,                                 School Lane.                                          meeting.  Meet on alternate

CLUB                     Smallwood Hey Road,                                                                              Wednesdays


                                Tel: 790723


PAC GROUP         Mrs. S. Wane,                         Pilling C E School,                                Meet Sundays 10.30 to 11.40 am.

                                Tel:790079                              and The Church.                                    Second Sunday at School and the last

                                                                                                                                                    Sunday in the month in Church.

                                                                                                                                                    Not during the Summer.


PILLING IN             Mr. G. Cornthwaite,             Golden Ball,                                              Always open to new  ideas and

BLOOM                   Foxhaven,                             School Lane                                             suggestions. New members very

COMMITTEE         Garstang Road,                                                                                        welcome.

                                 Pilling.                                                                                                       Meetings held monthly.

                                Tel: 790251


PILLING                 Miss Hallet                             The Band Room,                                   There is no membership fee.

JUBILEE                                                                Lancaster Road.                                    New members very welcome. Practice

SILVER                                                                                                                                    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm.

BAND                     Tel: 701104  

Beginners Mondays 6pm to 8pm at Hambleton Church Hall


1ST PILLING             Mr. R. Robinson,                 Methodist Chapel                             Open to boys aged 8 to 10Ĺ years.

CUBS                         Thornbank,                                                                                       Subs £15.00 per term. Meet on

                                    School Lane,                                                                                     Wednesdays from 6.30pm to 8.00pm

                                    Pilling.                                                                                                 School term time only

      Tel: 790692


1ST PILLING             Mr. R. Robinson,                   Methodist  Chapel.                       Open to boys aged 6  to 8 years.

BEAVERS                 Thornbank,                                                                                      Subs £15.00 per term.  Meet on Wednesdays

                                    School Lane,                                                                                    6.30 to 7.30pm.

                                    Pilling                                                                                                School term time only

                                    Tel: 790692 


PILLING                     Mr. R. Robinson,                     Methodist Chapel                           Open to boys aged 10Ĺ to 14.

SCOUTS                    Thornbank,                                                                                         Subs £15.00 per term.

                                     School Lane,                                                                                     Meet on Wednesdays

                                     Pilling.                                                                                                 7.45 to 9.15 pm.

                                    Tel; 790296                                                                                        School term time only.


PILLING                     Mrs. A. Etherington,                 Methodist Chapel,                       Open to girls aged 5 to 6 years.

RAINBOWS              Pilling Lane,                                                                                     Subs £15.00 per term. Meet

                                    Tel: 810660                                                                                     on Fridays 6.00 to 7.00pm. 

                                                                                                                                              School term time only


PILLING                     Mrs K Bell,                             Methodist Chapel.                           Open to girls aged 7 to 10 years.

BROWNIES             Stonewell,                                                                                           Subs £15.00 per term. Meet

                                   School Lane,                                                                                       On Fridays 6.00pm to 7.30pm.

                                   Pilling.                                                                                                  School term time only.

                                   Tel: 790649


1ST PILLING         Mrs B. Topping                     Methodist Chapel.                             Open to girls aged 10 to 15 years.

GUIDES                 Fern Villa,                                                                                            Subs £15.00 per term.

                                Garstang Road,                                                                                   Meet on Fridays 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

                                Pilling.                                                                                                   School term time only.

                                Tel: 790378


READING                 Mrs M Danson,                     Reading Room and                    Open to everyone over 14 years of age.

ROOM AND             16 S'wood Hey Rd,              Bowling Club

BOWLING                 Pilling.                                 School Lane.

CLUB                         Tel: 790494


SATURDAY             Mr. J. Cross,                         Memorial Hall,                                            Everyone welcome.

NIGHT                      29, St. Johnís Ave.,               Taylors Lane.                                              Cost per night £2.50.Old time and

DANCING                Pilling.                                                                                                          Modern Sequence dancing. Meet at 7.45

                                  Tel: 790535                                                                                                 to 11.15pm.  Alternate Saturdays

All money given to charity Supper available at each dance


ST. MARKíS                Mrs P. Jenkinson,                 School Room,                                          Last Wednesday

EAGLAND HILL                                                         Eagland Hill                                              of the month

WOMENíS GUILD            Tel: 790381


ST JOHN                      Mrs J. Ward,                         Pilling C E                                                   Meet Sundays

THE BAPTIST                                                            School, and                                                 10.30am to 11.40am.

CHURCH                                                                     the Church.                                                  Second and

SUNDAY                                                                                                                                             Fourth Sunday

SCHOOL                     Tel: 799054                                                                                                   Not during Summer

Details are also in the Parish Magazine


ST JOHNS                 Mr. P. Sherdley,                     St. Johnís                                                       Practise on 1st, 3rd,

BELL                          2, Stable Yard,                        Church                                                           and 5th Mondays of

RINGERS                  Taylors Lane,                                                                                                   the month




TENNIS                     Mr W. Whiteside,                       Rear of                                                         Open to everyone.

CLUB                         The Golden Ball                         Bowling                                                        Season starts end of

                                    School Lane,                             Green,                                                            April. Play in the

                                    Pilling.                                        Golden                                                           Lancaster and

                                    Tel: 790212                               Ball                                                                 Morecambe League.


WOMENS                 Mrs. S. Dooley,                        Fellowship                                                      Open to women and

INSTITUTE                                                                 Room,                                                             girls over 15 years

                                                                                      Methodist                                                         of age. Membership

                                                                                    Chapel.                                                             £30.00 pa. Meet on

                                    Tel: 790530                                                                                                     the fourth Thursday of

                                                                                                                                                              the month. Guests and new members

                                                                                                                                                                always welcome.



COUNTY CARS                         A door to door community car service

OVER WYRE                             for Over Wyre and surrounding area.

                                                    Now run by Lune Valley Transport,

                                                    White Lund Industrial Estate, Lancaster. 01524 840940


LANE ENDS                                Representatives:

AMENITY AREA                         Mr G Connolly Tel: 790076

USER GROUP                            Mr B Mutch Tel: 811177



The mobile library visits Pilling weekly on Mondays, stopping at the Elletsons Arms at 11.05 am until 11.30 am and the Golden Ball at 3.20 pm (3.45 during school holidays) until 4 pm. Also, on alternate Mondays at Eagland Hill at 9.25 am until 9.35 am and Birks Farm 9.38 am until 9.45 am. before visiting the Village. No service on Bank Holidays. More people are needed to make use of this service.

Contact 01995 604052 to arrange individual stops.



Over Wyre Medical Centre, Tel: 810722

Kepple Lane Surgery:

Garstang, Windsor Road Surgery, 01995 603888

Garstang, Landscape Surgery, 01995 603355

Great Eccleston, Health Centre, 01995 670066



Emergency 999

Garstang/Knott End Police Station 01995 607834

Out of Hours please ring 01524 63333 or 01253 876611




Pilling St John's C E School.

                Head teacher: Mrs Tate Tel: 790282

St William's R C School

                Head teacher: Mrs. E. Wort Tel: 790389



Service member: 

Bill Burn

The Royal British Legion,

10, Lakeside, Willow Grove Park,

Preesall. Tel: 07715784128


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METHODIST                     Rev Paul Critchley                             Methodist                         Everyone is welcome

CHURCH                           Epworth House,                                 Chapel.                             Sunday services are

                                            Carr Lane,                                                                                       10.30am and 6.30pm.


                                            Tel: 790277


ST JOHN                             Rev. Coral Pritchard,                         St John the                     Open to everyone.

THE                                      The Vicarage,                                     Baptist                             Services are

BAPTIST                             Lancaster Road.                                 Church.                            advertised on the

CHURCH                             Tel: 790335                                                                                  noticeboard, and in

                                                                                                                                                     the monthly magazine.


ST WILLIAM'S                     Father Partington,                            St William's                     Everyone is welcome.

Roman Catholic                 The Presbytary,                                 Church.                           Service times are

CHURCH                             Garstang Road,                                                                          Sun, Mon, Tues,

                                                Pilling.                                                                                         Thurs and Thurs and

                            Tel: 790264                                                                                 Fri at 9.30am.



 Report it!

 Lancashire County Council aims to provide

a good street lighting repair service. 

Please report lamps that are not working.

Phone: 0845 053 00 11

Giving: Name of Village, Name of road,

Number painted on the lighting column

(or the nearest house number)














Pilling Methodist Hall,

Smallwood Hey Road

To hire please contact:

Mr. David Curwen

Tel: 790323












St. Johnís Church Hall,

School Lane,

To hire please contact;

Mrs. Justine Ward

Tel: 799054


Band Room,

Field House Lane

To hire please contact:

Mr. Jack Isles

Tel:  700514









Pilling Reading Room,

School Lane,

To hire please contact:

Mr. Ken Danson

Tel: 790494


Pilling Memorial Hall,

Taylors Lane,

Eagland Hill School Room

To hire please contact:

Mrs Peggy Jenkinson

Tel: 790381



Pilling Parish Council

The Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of the month, in the Comrades Room, Pilling Memorial Hall, Taylors Lane, at 7.00 pm. Every one welcome. Public participation is encouraged as the Agenda incorporates a suspension of the meeting to allow members of the public to raise matters of concern. The meeting also involves a crime report presented by the Police and the officer answers matters raised by both Councillors and residents.

Public Surgeries

The Parish Clerk holds a Public Surgery on Monday afternoons between 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm and Wednesday mornings between 9.00 am and 12.00am. Queries affecting residents are received and planning applications can be viewed in full.

Parish Newsletter

The Parish Council produces a quarterly Parish Newsletter delivered to each household personally by the Councillors.

Web Site

Pilling Parish is on line at www.pillingparish.org.uk this includes Chairmanís Report, Councillors, minutes of meetings, history of Pilling, links to businesses in Pilling, photographs of events and views of Pilling.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting is held on the second Wednesday in April at 7.00pm in the Comrades Room, Memorial Hall.

All residents of the Parish of Pilling are most welcome to attend.

Residents are encouraged to contact Parish Councillors to discuss any aspects of government life that affects them. The names of the Parish Councillors are included on the web site, the quarterly Parish Newsletter and on each of the public notice boards at Eagland Hill, Pilling Reading Rooms, junction of Bradshaw Lane and Lancaster Road and Pilling Memorial Hall.

Pilling Parish Plan

Produced in 2004 the plan sets out the aspirations and hopes for the future of Pilling. It was funded by the Countryside Agency and Pilling Parish Council. The Parish Plan is a document produced by the community of Pilling, which describes the character that makes Pilling a special place in which to live. It sets out design and design objectives that should be observed by all.

It can be viewed on the website www.pillingparish.org.uk and a hard copy is available from the Clerk to the Parish Council at cost.


Lighting Pillingís Christmas Tree

First Monday in December at 7.00pm.

On the Village Green

                                                                        Families are welcomed to take part in this annual occasion when
                                                                        our village tree is illuminated and carols sung accompanied by
                                                                        Pilling Jubilee Silver Band.

                                                                        There is usually a surprise visitor especially for all those still
                                                                        young at heart and the lights are switch-on by our own
                                                                        Coffee Feast Queen


Senior Citizenís Christmas Party


Pilling Parish Council also organises the Senior Citizenís Christmas Party held on the second Tuesday in December at the Methodist Chapel Hall on Smallwood Hey Road.

Invitations are delivered to those eligible members of the community by the Councillors via the Parish Newsletter.

Are you eligible?

Anyone aged 65 or over, on the day of the party, and their partner. Anyone who has been before, but his or her qualifying partner has died, is still eligible.



Mr. John C. Savage (Chairman)

Rivendell, Taylors Lane, PR3 6AB Tel. 790707

Mrs. Elizabeth Cookson

Wyndale, Lancaster Road, Pilling PR3 6AU Tel. 790537

Mr. Geoffrey J Cornthwaite

Pinewood, Garstang Road, Pilling. PR3 6AQ Tel. 790251

Mr. Graham C. Curwen,

Carr Holm, Fluke Hall Lane, Pilling PR3 6HA Tel. 790502

Mr. John Edmondson,

The Olde Ship, School Lane, Pilling PR3 6HB Tel. 790946

Mr. Donald W Lawrenson

Bonds Farm, Duck Street, Pilling, PR3 6HN Tel. 790409

Mr. Edward Moorat

1, Stakepool Drive, Pilling. PR3 6BU Tel. 790464

Mr. Graham G. Morris

The Swallows, Smallwood Hey Road, PR3 6HJ Tel. 790029

Mrs. Brenda Schofield

Shawlands, Shaws Lane, Pilling. PR3 6SA Tel. 790747

Mr. William Whiteside

The Golden Ball, School Lane, Pilling PR3 6AA Tel. 790212

Pilling Parish Council Clerk:

Gillian Benson

57, Hamers Wood Drive, Catterall, PR3 1YN Tel: 01995 600689



Mr. D. W. Lawrenson

Bonds Farm, Duck Street, Pilling. PR6 6HN Tel. 790409


Mr. R. Mutch,

16, Salisbury Avenue, Knott End-on-Sea. FY6 0BP Tel. 811177


Mr. E. Ollerenshaw,

C/o Constituency Office, Great Eccleston Village Centre,

59, High Street, Great Eccleston, PR3 0YB Tel: 01995 672975

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