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Pilling 20 20

The Gradely Society

Pilling already has ’The Big Society’ only we call it ‘The Gradley Society’. Help is always around and Pilling folk are willingly and spontaneously rise to occasions, whether it is to paint the village hall; help sort out the Coffee Feast; help with, and perform in, the Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party; tidy the graveyard; help at Christmas tree lighting or whatever else needs doing. It is to Pilling’s Gradley Society that we are now appealing for help

Pilling 20 20 - you may have begun to here about attempts by Pilling Parish Council and Pilling Memorial Hall to re-locate the existing hall on a field close by. The present hall is too far "past it" to be serviceable much longer no matter how much is spent on it. Pilling 20 20 has secured the option on a 17 acre field nearby on which to build a new hall, with sufficient car-parking, a children’s play area and even a football pitch. The rest of the site could provide further facilities such as a tennis court and country park! We need residents to come forward to help with the concept, draw up plans and seek funding. This will be quite a challenging prospect and may take years to realise, but it is a vision (hence 20 20) of what might be possible. Pilling Memorial Hall was born in 1920 and it would be very satisfying to secure its replacement in 2020. Are you able to do something about it – are there people in Pilling’s Gradely Society prepared to show that Pilling always had, and still has, the spirit to get things done together? After all, in 1920, Pilling Memorial Hall was built by local volunteers!

Are you "up for it"

Visit the web site and see the presentation:


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