Public Footpaths in Pilling

Public Footpaths in Pilling

16th of June, 2020

Public Rights of Way

Lancashire County Council has issued information about public rights of way during coronavirus:

At the moment there is no legislation to enable closure of public rights of way in relation to the coronavirus epidemic; Government guidance does not require the network to be closed.

Advice is that people should only take exercise locally so closing paths in a particular location would drive people elsewhere which would be counter-productive.

However, it is recognised there is a lot of understandable concern especially where paths pass through domestic gardens and yards of properties where the residents may be self-isolating.  There is no justification for preventing the public from using enclosed tracks (i.e. separated from adjacent land), paths across moorland or through farmland.

Members of the public using the public footpaths are advised to wear gloves when touching stiles, gates and other surfaces which other people might have touched and to wash hands thoroughly once home.  Walking from home avoids cross-contamination with car door handles, steering wheel, keys, etc. but anyone who cannot avoid using a vehicle is advised to clean all surfaces likely to be touched.

This is current advice and is subject to change if and when further guidance regarding coronavirus is issued.

Lancashire County Council Public Footpaths can be found on: