Your Councillors

Chair & Vice Chair

Mr. Neil Cookson Chair 01253 790875
Copper Garth Smallwood Hey Road Pilling PR3 6HJ
Mr. Graham C. Curwen Vice Chair 01253 790502
Carr Holm Fluke Hall Lane Pilling PR3 6HA

Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

Gillian Benson Clerk 07477472526 07477472526 [email protected]
57 Hamers Wood Drive Catterall Garstang Preston PR3 1YN


Sarah Collinge Councillor
Bonds Farm, Lancaster Road, Pilling PR3 6SQ
Mrs. Elizabeth Cookson Councillor 01253 790537
Wyndale Lancaster Road Pilling PR3 6AU
Scott Irvine Councillor 07542 781208
The Oval, School Lane, Pilling PR3 6AA
Mrs. Judy Judkins Councillor 01253 790919
Rosenda School Lane Pilling PR3 6HB
Mr. Paul McWhirter Councillor 01253 790995
Arndale Wheel Lane Pilling PR3 6HL
Mr. Steve Phillpotts Councillor 01253 799121
Cherry Tree Cottage Lancaster Road South Scronkey Pilling PR3 6SQ
Mr. John C. Savage Chairman 01253 790707
Rivendell Taylors Lane Pilling PR3 6AB
Mr. Alf Whiteside Councillor 790700
1, Warbrick Cotage, Damside, Taylors Lane, Pilling

Wyre Borough Councillor For Pilling & Winmarleigh

Adam Leigh Wyre Councillor for Pilling and Winmarleigh [email protected]
Pool Barn, Ridgy Pool Farm, Skitham Lane Pilling PR3 6BD

County Councillor For Wyre Rural Central

Matthew Salter County Councillor For Wyre Rural Central 07717 513829
29 Woburn Way Claughton On Brock Garstang PR3 0QF

MP For Lancaster And Fleetwood

Cat Smith Member Of Parliament For Lancaster & Fleetwood 01253 490440 01524 566551
47 Scotforth Road Lancaster LA1 4SA